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Sishodia PLLC is a boutique New York real estate law firm offering experienced, individualized legal solutions to clients ranging from first-time home buyers to seasoned real estate investors. We serve clients who are buying or selling real estate throughout NY and surrounding areas, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Long Island, and the Hamptons.

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Buying or selling a commercial or residential property can be one of the most exciting but also one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Whether you are ready to purchase a single-family home, a co-op, a condo, or another type of dwelling in New York City, or are looking to sell your home, having the guidance of the right New York real estate attorneys can be invaluable. The right attorneys can help you negotiate favorable terms, smooth any disputes before they become a serious problem, and most importantly help to prevent future legal issues.

Natalia Sishodia, a top-rated NYC real estate lawyer, along with her team, has earned a reputation for facilitating smooth real estate transactions across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the broader New York City area. Choosing an exceptional real estate lawyer is essential. Sishodia PLLC offers complimentary consultations, white-glove service, and top-notch legal representation. The process of buying or selling a home in New York can be stress-free with the right support.

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What Does a New York Real Estate Attorney Do?

Real estate attorneys handle “real property” transactions. This includes assistance during the purchase and sale of real estate properties such as single-standing homes, condominiums, co-ops, and land. In New York, transactions can quickly become complex. For instance, co-op sales often involve a background check and qualifications. Condos may involve tax abatement. This added layer of complexity means the attorneys you hire to handle your purchase or sale must understand NYC’s complex law, as well as sometimes complicated buyer and seller situations.

As experienced New York lawyers, Sishodia PLLC has many years of experience dealing with New York’s tough real estate market. We offer two convenient locations – New York City and Dutchess County, New York. We may be able to help you compare and find the best real estate deals that will fit your needs best. If you are unsure whether you will need an attorney for your upcoming real estate transactions, call to schedule a free consultation today.

How Much Does a Real Estate Lawyer Cost in NYC?

If you’re dealing with the complicated real estate market in New York City, hiring a real estate lawyer can be crucial for ensuring your transactions are legally sound and smoothly executed. However, understanding the cost involved in hiring these professionals is equally important. 

In New York City, the fees for real estate lawyers vary significantly based on their experience and the complexity of the services required. Typically, the hourly rates for real estate attorneys range from $306 to $819 or more. This wide range reflects not just years of experience but also the lawyer’s specific skill, the nature of the real estate transaction, and the reputation of the lawyer or their firm.

For straightforward real estate transactions, such as simple home purchases or lease agreements, you might be on the lower end of this scale. However, more complex situations such as dealing with commercial properties, large-scale developments, or litigation involving real estate disputes can attract higher fees.

It’s also worth noting that some real estate lawyers may offer flat-rate services for standard procedures, which can be cost-effective. However, for most cases, particularly those involving negotiation or litigation, hourly rates apply.

When choosing a real estate lawyer in NYC, consider not only the cost but also the attorney’s experience and client reviews to ensure you are making an informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and budget. At Sishodia PLLC, we offer transparent, competitive pricing tailored to your specific needs. Don’t let legal fees surprise you—contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Purchasing/Selling PropertyReal estate attorneys assist in drafting, reviewing contracts, negotiating terms, and ensuring legal compliance during property transactions.
Leasing PropertyAttorneys help landlords and tenants draft, review, and negotiate lease agreements to protect their interests and comply with relevant laws.
Refinancing a MortgageKnowledgeable attorneys review and negotiate terms of new loans during mortgage refinancing, ensuring proper documentation and legal compliance.
Resolving Title IssuesAttorneys resolve title problems such as liens, easements, or encroachments discovered during title searches, ensuring a clear title for the property.
Disputes and LitigationAttorneys represent clients in real estate disputes, including contract breaches, landlord-tenant conflicts, or boundary disputes, through negotiations or litigation.
Development and Land UseAttorneys provide guidance on construction projects, zoning, land use, and environmental regulations, ensuring compliance with applicable laws.
Homeowners’/Condo AssociationsAttorneys assist in drafting governing documents, providing legal advice, and representing in matters related to homeowners’ or condominium associations.

A person who is purchasing a co-op is actually purchasing shares in the corporation that owns the building. Under the real estate law in New York, the actual apartment where you will live is yours through a proprietary lease. In a co-op you must pay taxes, repairs, and insurance in proportion to the shares you own. Co-op approvals can be notoriously difficult. Often, you may be required to provide bank statements, tax returns, professional references, and more.

Unlike in a condo, New York co-ops often limit how you sell or rent the apartment in which you live. Just as importantly, tax laws in a co-op can be complex and require a thorough understanding of co-ops and New York laws. Having knowledgeable New York attorneys on your side means you may be able to better understand the limitations and benefits of the co-op you are purchasing.

If you are selling a co-op in New York City navigating complex laws can be just as daunting. A flip tax is a tax that a seller may have to pay after a co-op sale in certain cases. In addition, out-of-state coop sellers may face additional challenges with income tax withholding at closing. A great attorney may be able to help you during every phase of the sale and keep the complex transaction flowing smoothly, as well as provide you with advice on how to minimize tax consequences.

To learn more about cooperative real estate, call now to schedule a complimentary consultation with attorney Natalia Sishodia.

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Hiring a real estate attorney in New York is often a wise decision when navigating the complex world of property transactions, disputes, and other legal matters. In the state of New York, while it’s not mandatory, having a real estate attorney to represent you is valuable. This ensures that your interests are protected and that all legal requirements are met, helping to prevent potential issues down the road.

Real estate transactions can be complicated and involve numerous legal documents, procedures, and negotiations. An experienced real estate attorney can help you understand your rights and responsibilities, draft and review contracts, and help negotiate the best possible terms for your transaction. Moreover, they can also provide advice on zoning, title, and financing issues, among other matters.

Hiring a real estate attorney can save you time, money, and potential headaches, making the process smoother and more enjoyable. One firm that can help you navigate the complexities of New York real estate is Sishodia Law PLLC. Our team of experienced real estate lawyers may be able to provide the guidance and representation you need for a successful transaction.

A real estate attorney is a legal professional who is widely experienced in property law. They are knowledgeable about local, state, and federal laws governing real estate transactions, and can help clients navigate the often complex and confusing world of property ownership, leasing, and management.

Real estate attorneys serve as valuable resources in addressing a diverse array of property-related legal concerns. Some of the key areas where they provide assistance include:

  • Creation, examination, and negotiation of contracts and agreements: This encompasses various documents such as purchase and sale agreements, leases, and financing arrangements. Real estate attorneys ensure that their clients’ interests are well-protected throughout the negotiation process.
  • Execution and recording of legal documents: Real estate attorneys are responsible for ensuring that essential documents, like deeds and mortgages, are correctly executed and recorded in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • Title searches and resolving title issues: Attorneys conduct thorough title searches to identify potential problems, including liens, easements, and encroachments. They then address any issues that arise, protecting their clients’ rights and interests.
  • Counsel on zoning, land use, and environmental regulations: Real estate attorneys provide guidance on navigating complex zoning and land use laws, as well as ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Representation in real estate disputes: Attorneys can represent clients in various types of property disputes, such as breach of contract, landlord-tenant disagreements, and boundary disputes. They can provide both legal advice and representation in court, if necessary.
  • Formation and management of homeowners’ and condominium associations: Real estate attorneys can assist with establishing and managing these associations, ensuring compliance with governing documents and relevant laws.
  • Guidance on tax and estate planning issues related to real estate: Attorneys can provide valuable advice on tax-related matters and estate planning strategies that involve real estate holdings.

Real estate attorneys play an instrumental role not just in transactional matters, but also in offering valuable counsel and representation in litigation or dispute resolution scenarios.

At Sishodia PLLC, our team of New York real estate lawyers is widely experienced in real estate law and offers a wide range of services, from drafting and reviewing contracts to representing clients in disputes and litigation. Contact us today at (833) 616-4646 to schedule a consultation.

There are a multitude of situations in which seeking the counsel and representation of a real estate attorney might be highly advisable or even essential. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most prevalent circumstances that warrant the involvement of a real estate attorney:

  • Purchasing or selling property: An experienced attorney can assist with drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating terms, and ensuring that the entire transaction process unfolds smoothly and in accordance with the law. A real estate lawyer can provide valuable advice and guidance on potential legal risks and strategies to mitigate them.
  • Leasing property: Regardless of whether you are a landlord or a tenant, a real estate attorney can provide invaluable assistance in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating lease agreements. This helps to safeguard your interests and guarantees compliance with all pertinent laws and regulations.
  • Refinancing a mortgage: If you’re contemplating refinancing your mortgage, a knowledgeable attorney can aid in reviewing and negotiating the conditions of the new loan. Additionally, they can ensure that all essential documentation is properly prepared and submitted.
  • Resolving title issues: A title search may occasionally uncover defects or problems, such as liens, easements, or encroachments. A competent real estate attorney has the expertise to resolve these issues and guarantee a clear title.
  • Disputes and litigation: In the event that you find yourself embroiled in a real estate dispute, such as a contract breach, landlord-tenant disagreement, or boundary conflict, an attorney can effectively represent your interests in negotiations, mediation, or litigation.
  • Development and land use: When planning a construction project or seeking advice on zoning, land use, or environmental regulations, a qualified real estate attorney can offer invaluable guidance and ensure that you remain in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Homeowners’ associations and condominium associations: If you are involved in the establishment or management of a homeowners’ or condominium association, an experienced attorney can assist with drafting and interpreting governing documents, provide legal advice on various issues, and represent the association in disputes or litigation.

At Sishodia PLLC, our team is well-prepared to provide support in any of these circumstances. With extensive experience in New York real estate law, we may be able to offer the guidance and representation necessary to achieve a successful outcome, be it in property transactions, title issue resolution, or dispute involvement. Contact us today at (833) 616-4646 to speak with a highly skilled New York real estate lawyer.

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect real estate attorney for your unique requirements might initially seem like a challenging task. However, there are several steps you can take to ensure you find the best fit:

Seek Recommendations from Trusted Sources

Begin your search by reaching out to friends, family members, or colleagues who have recently been involved in real estate transactions. Ask if they have any recommendations for attorneys they have personally used or are familiar with. Real estate agents and mortgage brokers can also serve as valuable sources for referrals, as they often work closely with real estate attorneys in their professional capacity.

Perform an Online Search for Local Real Estate Attorneys

Conduct a comprehensive online search for real estate attorneys in your area. Numerous websites allow you to filter results based on factors such as location, practice area, and other relevant criteria, making it easier to compile a list of potential candidates.

Verify Credentials and Assess Experience

Once you have a list of prospective attorneys, delve into their credentials, educational background, and professional experience. Seek out attorneys who are members of prestigious professional organizations, such as the New York State Bar Association or the American Bar Association’s Real Property, Trust, and Estate Law Section. Moreover, evaluate the attorney’s experience in handling cases akin to yours, as well as their overall track record and success rate.

Examine Reviews and Client Testimonials

Investigate online reviews and testimonials from previous clients to gain insight into the attorney’s reputation and the quality of their services. Keep in mind that not every review may accurately reflect the attorney’s overall performance, but they can still provide valuable information.

Arrange Initial Consultations with Potential Attorneys

Reach out to multiple attorneys to schedule preliminary consultations or meetings. This will allow you to discuss your case, ask pertinent questions, and evaluate the attorney’s communication style and personality. Many attorneys offer free or low-cost initial consultations.

Compare Fees and Associated Costs

During your consultations, inquire about each attorney’s fees and costs, including their billing structure and any additional expenses for which you may be responsible. Make sure to compare fees among different attorneys, but also remember that the least expensive option may not always be the best choice for your particular needs.

Make an Informed Decision

After carefully considering all relevant factors, such as experience, reputation, communication style, and fees, select the real estate attorney that you believe is the most suitable fit for your needs and circumstances.

Engaging the services of a real estate attorney in New York is not only a legal necessity but also a prudent choice when dealing with the intricacies of property transactions and disputes. Armed with extensive knowledge of property law and a deep understanding of local, state, and federal regulations, real estate attorneys can help safeguard your interests, save you time and money, and prevent potential issues from arising in the future.

Sishodia Law PLLC is committed to being your reliable partner throughout this journey, offering seasoned legal advice and representation to protect your interests and ensure a successful outcome. Contact us today at (833) 616-4646 to learn more about how we can assist you.

What Our Clients Say:

Sishodia Brooklyn Real Estate Lawyers - Condos and Beyond

It is important to distinguish between a condo and a co-op when you are looking for a new apartment in Brooklyn and anywhere in New York City. Just like in a co-op, a condo purchase includes common areas, such as hallways and elevators, and in some newer buildings a business center or a rooftop. The biggest difference between the two is that when buying a condo, the buyer actually buys a title to real estate and not stock in a corporation. In this case, a deed is issued to the condo unit being purchased by the buyer. The mortgage payments and real estate taxes are the responsibility of the owner. Although a condo board can still reject the application, in New York, this is relatively uncommon and the process of purchasing a condo is usually much easier than that of a co-op. However, an easier transaction often means that the price of a condo can be much higher than that of a co-op.

Whether you are buying or selling a condo it is important to have an experienced attorney on your side. The complex tax rules governing condos, recent tax abatement law changes, and other issues may arise during a purchase or sale of this residential property. By working closely with a top-rated attorney at Sishodia PLLC you can help minimize potential disputes, and help facilitate a quicker transaction.

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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer

In addition to a reputation as a great residential lawyer for real estate, Sishodia PLLC is also known for its commercial property practice. Commercial property clients who are looking for a top-notch attorney to represent them in complex transactions in and around NYC, Brooklyn, and all five boroughs in New York City have hired Natalia Sishodia and her team to handle:

Complex commercial transactions require a great deal of oversight and the guidance of an experienced lawyer.

Call us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss the purchase, sale, or lease of your commercial property (833) 616-4646.

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Whether you are buying or selling your home it is important to enlist the help of a qualified, experienced attorney for real estate. Moreover, while there is no requirement in New York City that you must have a lawyer, almost all buyers and sellers chose to have their own attorney representing them. The reason for this is simple – an attorney’s job is to protect your interest, smooth potential disputes, and increase the likelihood of your transaction closing. At the law office of Sishodia PLLC, we have dedicated our practice to helping New Yorkers successfully buy homes, sell homes and protect their assets. Hiring a great lawyer is an important decision, which is why we offer a free consultation.

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