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In the state of New York, commercial real estate transactions are typically complex in nature and require an excellent command of local and state laws, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional negotiation skills. Having the skilled guidance of an experienced New York commercial real estate attorney is critical to ensure that grave mistakes are not made.

At Sishodia PLLC, our team of experienced commercial real estate lawyers is ready to put our skills to work to protect our client’s interests when it comes to real estate matters. With a track record of successfully representing high-net-worth individuals, celebrities, and large corporations, we work hard to put your needs first. Our attorneys are available to answer questions and speak with brokers and clients.  In addition, we are able to offer flat fees on some transactions, which may help limit costs.

We are here to represent you through each stage of your real estate transaction, from the review or drafting of the purchase and sale agreement to tenant/landlord disputes. With Natalia Sishodia and her experienced team of lawyers in your corner, you have a responsive and communicative ally who will work hard to ensure that your interests are represented each step of the way. For more information about how we can help, call our law firm at (833) 616-4646.

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Ensuring the Best Interests of the Client

At Sishodia PLLC, we handle every facet of the commercial real estate transaction, representing buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and developers to help ensure that the purchase or lease is in the best interest of the client.

Our diverse clients require us to be fully capable of negotiating and closing the most complicated of transactions, paying close attention to their risks, rights, and legal obligations. From developing comprehensive purchase agreements to fine-tuning leasing agreements to negotiating refinancing work-outs, we help our clients develop strategies that protect both their short-term needs as well as their long-term business and investment goals.

Real estate transactions can be complex. To help ensure that your real estate contract is done properly and does not break any laws, you might need the legal services of a skilled real estate attorney. If you have concerns regarding real estate transactions that you plan on pursuing, please reach out to us at Sishodia PLLC law firm for a consultation. You may also contact our firm through email at natalia@sishodialaw.com.

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Helping You Understand Your Needs When Dealing With Real Estate Law

Transacting commercial property is far different than residential real estate property, and while a commercial transaction can be more flexible, it may also be highly nuanced. Whether you are a seasoned international investor looking for a commercial office building with exceptional income potential or a first-time small business owner looking to lease space, understanding your needs, what to look for, what to watch out for, and where to go is an essential first step.

Here in New York, we have specific commercial real estate sectors, each having its own characteristics and requiring a different knowledge set.  At Sishodia PLLC, we can advise you about your acquisitions or leasing of different real estate properties such as:

Helping You Understand Your Needs When Dealing With Real Estate Law

We represent clients in commercial and residential leasehold disputes, and cooperative and condominium litigation. This includes appeals and trials. We have extensive experience at the landlord-tenant level in nonpayment, holdover, and breach of lease issues involving many different claims.

We have dealt with claims such as the alleged failure to repair the property, constructive eviction cases, illegal subleases, and the illusory tenants doctrine. We have dealt with claims at the condominium and cooperative level relating to alleged misleading in offering plans, faulty construction, and statutory claims of abuse by a sponsor. We explore settlement options and counsel clients on risk mitigation.

Sishodia PLLC’s team of attorneys is skilled at dealing with real estate matters and may be able to provide the legal counsel you need for your transaction. If you are facing a landlord-tenant dispute, call our firm today for more information.

Land Assembly is the act of combining smaller pieces of land to make a larger piece of real estate. This makes it possible to develop a bigger real estate project on the now-larger land area which was previously separate, smaller, and had little potential for sale or development. Our knowledgeable real estate lawyers at Sishodia PLLC have extensive experience in land assembly and have worked with big developers in this field. To schedule a consultation and learn more about land use, call our law office today.

When you consult Sishodia PLLC on short-term rentals, our goal is to give you an edge while helping you better understand the potential of your investment. Through an open and transparent process, we help create an investment strategy and combine critical success factors, and business objectives into actionable business goals. At Sishodia PLLC our lawyers have developed a system that can help you simplify the process of evaluating and purchasing a short-term rental property. 

In addition, dealing with litigation involving real estate matters can be complicated for a person who does not practice real estate law. This is why it is important to seek the help of an experienced attorney who is well-versed in real estate development and other real estate matters. Sishodia PLLC is a law office with a team of real estate professionals who may be able to provide you with skilled representation. Call our law office today to schedule a consultation about the potential risks of your real estate transaction.

Any commercial real estate transaction is a significant investment and making the wrong decision can be time-consuming and costly. Our experienced New York City commercial real estate lawyers offer sound legal advice and skilled representation so that you can make educated decisions. Our experience and solid knowledge of commercial real estate law ensure that you have an assertive legal ally on your side if you run into a problem.

For those who are landlords, sellers, or developers, we understand your needs and are able to assist with and negotiate purchase and sales agreements, structures for leases, subleasing, licensing, and anything else that is necessary to facilitate your transaction. We aim to make each transaction smooth for both parties. To schedule a free consultation with Natalia A. Sishodia or one of the other skilled lawyers at Sishodia PLLC, please call (833) 616-4646.

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Purchase and Sale of Commercial Properties

For clients who are purchasing or selling a commercial property, we work closely with you each step of the way from purchase and sale contract negotiation and structuring the sale, through the due diligence process, to securing financing and closing the sale.  

Some services our NYC commercial real estate lawyers can provide are:

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or landlord of a commercial property, we can help you with your real estate transactions. We may be able to provide more information about your transaction so that you can avoid making costly mistakes. For a free consultation, you may contact Manhattan real estate lawyer Natalia Sishodia and her team of experienced attorneys today.

Commercial Lease Negotiation

For clients or businesses looking to lease commercial property, we will explain and advise you on the terms of the lease agreement and how it may affect you. We strive to protect every client’s interests, ensuring that the commercial lease is properly negotiated and drafted, affording the most flexible options for you in terms of assignments, subleases, early terminations, and warranties. We will negotiate the terms of the lease, working with tenants, landlords, sub-landlords, and building owners to come to terms that are always in your best interests.

Our commercial leases services include:

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Real Estate Financing

Whenever financing is required, we can represent the borrower/client in their communication with the financial institution, assist with document submissions, and help expedite approval with lending institutions from traditional to specialty lenders. With our robust expertise in commercial real estate lending, we are often able to get our clients faster approval and more favorable terms.

From purchasing a franchise to selling a real estate property, attorney Natalia A. Sishodia has dedicated her practice to helping people deal with real estate matters. The experienced attorneys at the law office of Sishodia PLLC can provide legal and real estate services to buyers and sellers alike. If you need real estate financing and want to make sure every step of the process is properly taken care of and performed in accordance with the law, call us today and schedule a free consultation.

Real Estate Litigation

At Sishodia PLLC, our talented Manhattan real estate attorneys are experienced in real estate practice and litigation. They provide a wide range of services to owners, investors, property managers, tenants, and financial institutions in disputes, including:

Real estate litigation can be a complicated task when dealt with alone. It is always important to seek the help of an experienced lawyer with a practice dedicated to real estate matters. A skilled lawyer may be able to help you explore the aspects of your transaction and help you approach it with well-calculated decisions. If you need legal representation for real estate litigation, real estate attorney Natalia A. Sishodia and her team of experienced attorneys at Sishodia PLLC in NY can guide you every step of the way and help you achieve favorable results. Call us today at (833) 616-4646.

More Cases

We represent and advise clients or business owners in matters relating to general contractors or subcontractors, architects, and designers, particularly as they apply to tenant improvements. We work diligently to help our clients secure permits and approvals for any additions, renovations, or other commercial property changes.

There are times when disputes arise in real estate matters. At Sishodia PLLC, we pride ourselves on offering creative solutions to the most complicated of problems in real estate for businesses or clients. Skilled negotiation often leads to a resolution that works for all involved.

While we make every attempt to avoid potentially contentious and expensive litigation, there are times when disputes cannot be negotiated away. In those cases, we are fully prepared to take it before the court to ensure our client’s best interests. If you have a real estate dispute and want to pursue litigation, you can contact Natalia A. Sishodia and her team of skilled attorneys at Sishodia PLLC at (833) 616-4646.

For individuals wishing to sell an investment property to purchase another, a tax-deferred 1031 exchange may be an option. In some cases, investors may be able to make like-kind exchanges of one investment property for another without cashing out or realizing capital gains. This allows an investor to roll over gains from one property to another, thereby deferring capital gains until the final property is sold years later at a longer-term rate. In most cases, this is done through a qualified intermediary who holds funds from the sale of a property and transfers them to the seller of the new property.

The talented New York City commercial real estate attorneys at Sishodia PLLC are happy to help our clients understand 1031 tax-deferred exchanges (including reverse exchanges and construction exchanges) and how these transactions may help the client defer taxes, diversify their portfolio, and increase capital when exchanging one investment property for another.


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Why Us?

As a boutique law firm, our focus is first and foremost on our clients.  We are easily accessible and are able to respond to your questions, as well as broker inquiries very quickly. In addition, we offer flat fees on residential and some commercial real estate transactions and accommodate remote meetings and virtual signings. We have a record of representing high-net-worth individuals, businesses, large lenders, celebrities, and other similar clientele.

Commercial real estate transactions, whether purchases and sales, leases, or property management can be highly complex and individualized. Each transaction brings its own unique nuances, issues, and requirements that need to be addressed. Hiring an experienced New York City commercial real estate attorney ensures that all documents are correctly drafted and all issues and requirements are specifically addressed.

At Sishodia PLLC, we are well-versed in New York state and New York City real estate laws and diligently apply our vast knowledge and understanding of complex commercial transactions to ensure our best outcome. We understand each client’s unique goals and circumstances and offer individualized solutions in consideration of each, minimizing risks and potential future conflicts. 

The real estate market in New York can be challenging to navigate. A seller or buyer needs to understand the risk involved in their transaction. This is why it is important to have a skilled lawyer step in and identify the factors that can make the transaction successful. Our team of legal professionals will give your transaction all the attention it needs so that you can make the most out of your deal.

Call our phone number (833) 616-4646  or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss any of your commercial real estate needs.

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