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6 School Districts To Consider When Buying A Home In NYC

When buying a home in New York City, it’s important to consider the neighborhood, its offerings, and transportation, among other details. However, if you have a family, choosing a home near a NYC school district should definitely be on the list of reminders. Of course, there’s no guarantee, as districts are highly competitive, but with closer proximity and enough prep work ahead of time, your chances will definitely increase. Here are 6 public school districts to research now before picking out your dream home. To speak with an experienced real estate attorney, please call the law office of Natalia Sishodia today at (833) 616-4646.

District 1

Located at 166 Essex St, RM 136 in Manhattan, this district 1 in NYC is located on the Lower East Side with no zoned neighborhoods. In fact, some people from Brooklyn may send their children here, just by crossing the East River. This district boasts fabulous schools with alternative principles and experimental practices, and it’s located in a neighborhood that is filled with boutique shops, trendy restaurants, and new, luxury apartment buildings.

District 1 extends from East 14th Street to the north and Fourth Avenue, Delancey and Clinton Streets from the west to the East River. PS 20 Shuang Wen Academy offers rich diversity and Chinese culture. NEST+m is great for gifted students, as there are many G&T programs to suit students’ needs, and Earth School provides philosophical practices.

District 2

Home to some of the finest schools and wealthier establishments, district 2 in NYC takes up the East Side south of 97th Street and the West Side south of 59th street (but not the Lower East Side). There is zoning in the neighborhood, and most families in this area are pleased with the abundance of new elementary schools that have opened. Midtown West is a great school for gifted students; however, you must live in this district to apply for admission.

Such schools include Hunter College Elementary and Lower Lab School. Lower Lab is only available to families within district 2 residences, while Hunter College Elementary is open to families elsewhere and is also a magnet school. This school is great for gifted, GNT programs. Ella Baker School, PS 150 and Midtown West are three more options.

District 3

Spanning the Upper West Side from 59th Street to 122nd Street, district 3 in NYC has many different schools, some that are fantastic and others that are still budding. A great person to reach out to would be family leadership coordinator, D.J. Sheppard, who can help guide new families (email: If you purchase in this area, be prepared to go on tours and open houses for more information on the school systems. A terrific G&T school program and magnet school recognition in this district can be found at Anderson School. A great music school for musically inclined and gifted students is Special Music School on the Upper West side.

District 4

Extending from East 96th Street and Second Avenue to East 125th Street and the Harlem River, this district 4 in NYC mostly resides in East Harlem, as well as Ward’s Island and Randall’s Island. With many developments underway, the neighborhood is open to families and offers a medley of school systems, ranging in quality.

PS 83 and PS 171 are two great contenders, open for high-performing children, although outside the zone. Two progressive schools include Central Park East I and II, while a standard, classic school, Central Park East High School, never fails as a reliable option. The Manhattan East School for Arts and Academics brings culture and ethnicity, as well as a diverse background in music and theater, and Bilingual Bicultural School and PS 112 offer Spanish-English dual language opportunities for families in need of those attributes.

District 5

Situated in Central Harlem, district 5 in NYC begins west at the Hudson River and 122nd Street and heads east, then north to 155th Street and the East River. While many schools are not the best in the city, some schools stand out. The Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School, KIPP Infinity Charter School, Teachers College Community School, and the Columbia Secondary School are solid options.

District 6

Including northern Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood, District 6 in NYC is bordered by the Harlem River to the North and East, as well as the Hudson River on the West. Its southern end sits at 163rd Street. This area has been becoming pricier over the years, and it’s often a place suitable for smaller families. This area is also popular amongst the Dominican crowd. Some progressive schools include Muscota, Washington Heights Academy, and Castle Bridge, which Mott Hall provides learning for gifted students.

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